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Free Educational arrangements of Christian Sheet Music for beginner - late intermediate piano and violin.  From the old traditional hymns, through praise & worship, to the latest Christian Rock artists.  Many of these are my own easy play arrangements for todays Christian Musicians of the future.

Are you looking for a particular song?  Over the next few month I am hoping to arrange lots of worship songs for easy piano, violin, etc.  If you are looking for a particular song, please e-mail me and tell me what the song is as well as what instrument you play and what level you need.

Now playing: Blessed Be Your Name (Level 2B).

The difficulty level fits with the Piano Adventures series and is also similar to the levels of the Alfred and Bastien methods.  Level 2B is approx UK grade 1, Level 3B is approx Grade 2, and level 5 is approx Grade 3.

Amazing Grace - level 4 (Sibelius Scorch)

As the Deer (intermediate piano)

As the Deer (easy violin & piano accompaniment)(Finale Viewer)

Blessed Be Your Name - primer level (Sibelius Scorch)

Blessed Be Your Name - Level 2B (Sibelius Scorch)

Hear My Cry (Finale Viewer)

He Reigns - Newsboys - primer 5 finger (Sibelius Scorch)

I Am (Finale Viewer)

If My People (meldoy & chords) (Finale Viewer)

In Christ Alone - Level 2A (Sibelius Scorch)

It is Well with My Soul (When Peace Like a River) - Level 2A (Sibelius Schord)

Lift Up Your Eyes - Planet Shakers - Level 2B (Sibelius Scorch)

Lord of the Dance (melody & chords) (Finale Viewer)

Mighty to Save - Hillsong - Level 1 (Sibelius Scorch)

Mighty to Save - Hillsong - Level 2A (Sibelius Scorch)

Shout to the Lord (My Jesus, My Saviour) - Hillsong - Level 4 (Sibelius Scorch)

We Seek Your Face - Parachute Band (piano/kybd accompaniment) (Finale Viewer)

You Are My King (Amazing Love) - Hillsong - Primer Level 5 finger (Sibelius Scorch)

You are My King (Amazing Love - Hillsong - Level 2B (Sibelius Scorch)

ENSEMBLE - Groups of Various Instruments
These ensembles are written for a variety of different instruments at different levels.  All are available to save in Sibelius format so that you can print individual parts, transpose, etc to suit your specific group.  I have added a brief note to each arrangement giving info on what level they would suit for each instrument, but don't be afraid to try out different instrument combinations using these parts.
If you are working with a group of christian students in a church or school you may also like to check out (Christian Music Teachers New Zealand) for more info on working with instrumental groups of differing ability and for lesson plans and resources on topics such as "Biblical Musical Instruments" & "Why Did God Create Music?".

How Great is Our God - Chris Tomlin

"How Great is Our God" is arranged in D Major for: Beginner Violin,  2nd year Flute, Level 2 Piano, Easy keyboard bass, Easy keyboard Harmony. A nice easy key for beginner guitars who can play D, A, & G chords.  

Indescribable - Chris Tomlin

"Indescribable" in the key of C:  Lead Sheet for melody instrument (Grade 1 flute, Grade 2 violin), Piano (Level 3/Grade 2), Keyboard Bass (easy).  This has some harder guitar chords such as F, C, Bb.

Arranged in G Major for: early-intermeidate/2nd year violin melody (could be played by any other non-transposing melody instrument or even use Sibelius to transpose), easy guitar chords, and very easy keyboard bass.  There is a Grade 2 level piano arrangement that fits with this arrangement in "Here I Am to Worship - Kids vol 3 easy piano" published by Hal Leonard.

Newsboys - It is You - intermediate violin (Sibelius Scorch)

Newsboys - It is You - Guitar chords (.doc)

Newsboys - It is You - easy bass riffs (Sibelius Scorch)

Lead me to the Cross - Brooke Fraser & Hillsong

Lead Me to the Cross in the original key of B minor arranged for: Violin (Grade 2 - 3), Clarinet (Grade 3), Piano (Grade 4 - Use the standard PVG sheet music as I haven't finished this part), Guitar (notation & tab), Bass. 

Mighty to Save - Hillsong

Mighty to Save - Hillsong (keyboard/lead-sheet)

This arrangement in G Major is a nice easy version for a more junior group.  The note values have all been doubled to make the music easier to count and read.  Arranged for: Melody (Grade 1 Flute or Violin), Piano (Grade 2), Bass (very easy keyboard part).  You can also use the lead sheet for a Grade 2 Keyboard player using auto-accompaniment chords & rhythms, and the Level 1 piano part further up the page will also fit in for the chorus.

Arranged in D Major to slightly simplify the piano part, however this arrangement is for an older more senior group of children.  Violin (Grade 2-3), Flute/Lead sheet (Grade 2-3), Piano (Grade 5), Guitar chords (there are some tricky 7ths, suspendeds etc which you may want to simplify to the root chord).  The drummer will also need to be experience enough to hear/feel the time signature changes in the break to keep the bass drum on the first beat of each bar.  I have also included an mp3 backing practice track in D Major, the adjustment of the key has made the singing sound "chipmunky" and pretty awful, but it is helpful for the violin, etc to practice with.  There are also directors notes to outline bar by bar which instruments are plaing and what the drummer is playing.

Who Am I - Casting Crowns - Ensemble (Sibelius Scorch)

Who Am I - Casting Crowns - Guitar chords in D (.doc)

Who Am I - Casting Crowns - Backing Track in D (.mp3)

Who Am I - directors notes (.doc)

You Are My King (Amazing Love) - Hillsong

"Amazing Love" in C Major is an easy version with note values doubled for: Beginner Flute, Grade 2 Violin, Level 2 Piano, Easy Keyboard Accompaniment using Single Finger Chords (3 notes).  You can also add in the primer piano part from further up the page.  This key is not well suited to beginner guitars unless they play in A Major with a capo on the 3rd fret. 

The following songs for violin are listed in order of difficulty.  You can also download the Praise & Practice contents.  Praise & Practice is a method book that I made some years ago for violin using well known praise & worship songs of the time.  It begins from the absalute beginner open strings and works through each new finger and key in a standard tuition pattern.  I have tried to keep each song in its original or most used key so that students can play along with friends & family or even join in church or other group worship. 



You Are My King (Amazing Love) - Hillsong (Simplified melody)

D MAJOR (Finger pattern 0-1-23-4)

You Are My King (Amazing Love) - Hillsong

A MAJOR (Finger pattern 0-1-23-4)

NEW RHYTHM - QUAVERS (Eighth-notes)

Mighty to Save - Hillsong

PLAYING SLURS (Two notes in one bow stroke)

How Great is Our God - Chris Tomlin

RHYTHM - DOTTED CROTCHET (Dotted Quarter-note)

LOW 2nd FINGERS (Finger pattern 0-12-3-4)


Mighty to Save - Hillsong

Blessed Be Your Name - Tree63


RHYTHM - Syncopation, Tied Notes & Quaver (8th note) rests

It is You - Newsboys

From the Inside Out - Hillsong

HIGH 3rd FINGERS (0-1-2-34)


All Heaven Declares

LOW 1st FINGERS (01-2-3-4)

Indescribable - Chris Tomlin (lead sheet with chords)


LOW 4ths - Bb MAJOR (01-2-34)




Lead Me to the Cross - Hillsong (written by Brooke Fraser)

Lead Me to the Cross - backing track (midi)

Hosanna - Hillsong & Brooke Fraser (Sibelius Scorch)